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Hehe!! I am very HAPPY to receive your e-card,so cute!!I like it!!I have nothing to do now,so I can spend my time to reply you.So, you don't need to worry whether you will disturb me or not if you call me or send me e-mail, I can manage my time wisely,ok?Believe ME!! If I am very busy I will tell la..just want to give you sopport, go go jia you o!!NEVER GIVE UP BEFORE YOU TRY YOUR BEST!!Hehe...I will study hard and smart,don't worry about me!!Hope to see you soon,BYE...GOOD NIGHT...I always waiting for you in your dream!!TATA!!!

*Da Mi*ai ni *-*

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At all ecards are price-less because emotions are invaluable and every relationship is precious. When we find the right words and colors to express our emotions, bonds are strengthened and the moments are immortalized. Look into our entire selection of free ecards to cherish your priceless bonds!

Congratulations Get Well Soon
Good Luck Good Morning / Night
Happy Birthday Have A Great Day
Hi / Hello I Am Sorry
I Love You Missing You
Sympathy & Support Thank You
Thinking Of You Wedding & Anniversary
For Your Sweetheart Send A Smile
Best Friends For Your Husband/Wife
Hugs For Your Honey Birthday Flowers
Wish You Were Here You Are Special
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