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please answer all of the following question. At the end, press the install button. When all this information is recorded, you will be given optional security instruction.

When you run the main list program, do you want to require a password. If you do this, only people who know the password can view the list. RECOMENDED
Require password
Do not require password

If you are requiring a password to view the list, you can support multi users. There are special features that allow you to add users and delete user and allow them to sign up automaticaly. This is good for small groups that wish to share there vics.
Support multi users
Do not support multi users

To prevent your list from becomming to large. This program can automaticaly remove logged ips periodicaly. please select how often you would like this to happen.
delete after 2 days
delete after 3 days
delete after 4 days
delete after 5 days
delete after 6 days
delete after 7 days

If this version supports graphics, this option will add images to make the program look better. If the version does not support this, this option will do nothing.
Display images
Do not display images

Require subseven to use a password to log new information. If this option is not supported, nothing will change with this option.
Require subseven password
Do not require subseven password

If you require subseven to have a password, you must specify a 5 number code. When using EditServer you will be provided a space to enter this code. This will ensure that no one else tells there servers to log ips with your program. RECOMENDED

So you can access this setup program again and the admin menu, you will need to enter a master password and username. Do not tell anyone else what these are. You will be the only user who can clear the list of IP's and add members (if multi member support is on).
Password: (re enter pass)

what do you want the html title tags to say. this is what appears on the blue bar at the top of the browser.

What color do you want the documents background to be.

What color do you want the documents text to be.

What do you want the documents font to be.

What color do you want the table backgrounds to be.

What color do you want the documents links to be.

What color do you want the documents borders to be.

remember, you can always change these settings in the admin menu. go back and make sure the colors you gave, where spelled correctly and that you filled every thing out.